Custom Cakes and Desserts

Custom Cakes and Desserts

Custom Cakes and DessertsCustom Cakes and DessertsCustom Cakes and Desserts

About Us


The layer of creamy foam found on the surface of a shot of espresso

I grew up baking beside my Mum, Eileen. We share the same joy of feeding people; family, our friends. Others often asked “does she get her baking skills from you?” to which she’d reply,  with sparkling eyes, “Yes, but she took it much further than me”. She was proud and for that I’ll carry on with her love for baking. 

Crema was born out of a spirit of entrepreneurship, a longing to pour myself into something that would feed my creativity and a way to earn a living. I started out small at the local farmers market. Every week I’d prepare a variety of cupcakes, scones, and various pastries. Friday mornings became an anchor in my life. I loved the anticipation of a queue forming in front of my table of pastries I’d poured my heart into. Sometimes a market goer would backtrack to tell me that their croissant tasted like butter, or their cupcake  was the best they’ve ever had. Those moments are what made me want to become better than what I was. 

If you don’t want a generic supermarket cake, if you want to serve cake to your clients, guests, friends, family, and have them associate you with quality and taste then let us create a cake for you!

What we love


Fresh Blooms

At Crema we LOVE fresh florals and we love using them to adorn our cakes. We travel all over southern NB to find the best, most lush flowers we can get  our  hands  on!  And always a couple of days ahead to allow them to open up into their natural beauty. 


Handcrafted Macarons

Quite possibly the most sought after cookie, the macaron is a delicate meringue cookie sandwich. What makes them special are the delicious fillings and buttercreams. We love adding them for their pastel colours and their eye catching lacy ridges.   




You  won’t  find  a  lick  of  margarine  or  shortening  around  here!  We  love  the  richness,  creaminess,  and  natural  taste  of  butter  for  baking  so  much  that  we’ll  never  change! Check  out  our  flakey  layers  in  those  croissants!